Monday, July 23, 2012

Ford Classic Titanium Review – Why it’s an unordinary choice

Ford has been doing wonders with its Fiesta sedan and with the introduction of newer version of Fiesta; it renamed the older version as Classic. But with the current scenario of new cars selling like hot cakes, it couldn’t resist ending up it year’s long journey with older Fiesta Classic and brought out the brand new Ford Classic.

Ford Classic Titanium price is fabulously affordable and looking at the other new car prices, you can really dare to buy new Titanium!
It has a magic about itself and has been alluring the media, buyers and onlookers alike. This increases the confusion in your car buying decision further more. Here’s a short Ford Classic Titanium review to sue your difficulty and help you choose your car.

Engine Power & Performance
 New Titanium is available in petrol as well as petrol versions. The petrol version namely Classic 1.6 Duratec Titanium uses up 1596cc 4 Cyl. In-Line, 16-V DOHC engine that produces a peak power of 101PS @ 6500RPM and top torque of 146Nm @ 3400RPM whereas the diesel version namely Classic 1.4 TDCi Titanium comes loaded with a 1399cc 4Cyl. In-Line, 8-V SOHC engine capable of producing peak power of 68PS @ 4000RPM and top torque of 160PS @ 2000RPM. You get a great acceleration and pick up as it reaches from 0 to 100kmph in just 11.43 seconds and can be driven to a top speed of 170kmph.

Exteriors & Interiors
The luxury giving, stylish looking sedan has really classic exteriors. You get chrome surrounded crystal barrel headlamp, turn indicator on the outside rear view mirror, body coloured tailgate handle finish, and black radiator grill, etc.

The interiors are equally lavish with two tone colour co-ordination of ebony and camel and over all beige that includes the full fabric seats. You get driver’s seat with height adjust, front & rear map lamps, rear seat back that can be folded to a 100%. Air conditioning system with electric re-circulation and heater makes your journey most comfortable. The electric boot release, power steering with tilt adjust steering, electric adjustable outside mirrors, drive away lock, etc. are the other added comforts.

Ride, Safety & Handling
With its 175/65 R14 tubeless tyres along with stylish new allow wheels of 14 inches or 35.6 cms, you get a real smooth ride. The braking and handling part is equally satisfying. You have great safety features that include driver and passenger airbags, anti-lock braking system (ABS) with EBD, central locking, PATS (Passive Anti-Theft system), front fog lamps, programmable keyless entry together with auto re-locking, etc.

Mileage & Pricing
If ARAI claims are to be believed you get a remarkable fuel efficiency of 21.27kmpl (maximum mileage) with the petrol version and of unbelievable 32.38kmpl (maximum mileage) for the diesel version. The pricing part is also very attention catching as 1.6 Duratec Titanium comes with the price tag of Rs. 6,86,400 and 1.4 Duratorq Titanium at the same time is tagged with a price of Rs. 7,82,000 both being Delhi, ex-showroom.

The other cars in the segment with which this new sedan from Ford will be competing include Toyota Etios, Tata Manza and Maruti Dzire. But with its astonishing fuel economy, classy looks, style, and comfort, it will do quite well. Though Manza is a class in its self, and Etios has its own place, Ford’s new sedan won’t have to worry much as it will be able to find own distinct place.

The ride quality, performance, fuel economy, style and look – all constitute the sedan’s dynamism making it a great buying choice!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lets the Fingers Do the Talking, Consult Car Buying Websites to Get the Best Car Treat

Everything that exists on earth is changing with time and so does technology. Today people not only prefer buying small goods and accessories from internet and online retail stores but do have major interest in buying expensive things from the internet such as gold, diamonds or vehicles. So car buying websites are recently gaining huge popularity and are quite helpful to all the prospective buyers as the same requires less or no effort.These websites provide detailed information and are hugely informative offering all the particulars related to car’s pricing, features, specifications, reviews etc. All you require is to browse various websites thoroughly and make use of the information from price comparison to mileage difference and performance output, with everything at your fingertip. Moreover, many more websites are originating everyday to buy a car and even dealers are coming up with their own individual car websites to gain popularity in the market.

Many car buying websites are sponsored by the dealerships and instead of providing good informative details about the vehicles, these sites are designed to promote sales and are often misleading. Most of the websites, which are independently maintained by dealerships or automobile manufacturers, are majorly created to offer low finance rates and attract with special freebies in order to tempt prospective customers. Few of them also advertise fake car selling prices to attract customers and buyers. So, to eliminate these types of risks and avoid landing on fraud websites, here are some tips to get rid of these websites that are playing online tricks.

better stay away from the websites that require you to register first and then let you navigate through. The information you render is just used for sales attempt and to capture your attention.

Secondly:- don’t trust the car buying websites with loads of banner ads from manufacturer and dealerships. This straight away means that the website is sponsored and is not crafted with useful information.

Thirdly:- remember a strong point that the websites which are stuffed with too much information are often loaded with advertisements as well.

Fourthly:- the more you are comfortable while browsing the website the better it is, difficulty in navigating through the site or failing to catch the solution to your queries directly indicates that the website is poorly designed and you must avoid them.

Fifthly:- don’t opt for the ones with very attractive and fancy graphics including less or little information. They are just designed to catch the attention in order to boost their sales.

Apart from misleading car buying websites, there are number of reliable and useful websites as well from where you can effortlessly buy the right car without much botheration. And in case if you are looking for real information related to car buying or maintenance tips, better search the websites with good quality content.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Guiding Tips to Purchase a New Car

Purchasing a brand new car is a major task and a big investment as well. These informative guiding new car purchase tips will make you knowledgeable about the deal and will assist you in researching everything about your preferred model. So here are few new car purchase tips to surely follow when you are all set to buy new car for you and your family.

1.Selecting the right car model – This is one of the easiest thing to do but still many of the buyers are unsure till the last moment. What car model do you prefer–a luxurious sedan, an SUV or just a hatchback for your small family.

2.Selecting the right size of car – After planning out the model, do take care of the size too. Explore different models and determine what size car you will need, large one, midsize, or just a compact car.

3.Research and compare – Internet is the best place to research and compare the cars by type and size. You can get the complete idea via this option and all the details are mentioned when you select a type of model like car’s specifications and features. Thoroughly check safety ratings, specifications, price, comfort, mileage etc.

4.Narrow your search – Now that you have researched compared and selected few of the preferred models check out each of them and their features/specifications.Evaluate the one that exactly fits in your criteria and standards.

5.Select your price range – Check out whether the selected model with right specifications comes in your set budget. You select the car and can add more options according to the budget and then can determine a price for the car. There are lots of automotive sites that can assist you in offering information related to cars and their offered price.

6.Locate the dealer – There are uncountable dealers in the city, but you need to find the most appropriate one. Look for the one with good track record and is honest in running the business with integrity. Eliminate the ones who are known for selling low or poor quality cars without maintaining the standards. Make sure to check the car thoroughly and what all is written on the checklist and never ever skip to take the test drive; it is a very important part of the process when you’ve decided to purchase a car.

These informative new car purchase tips will surely assist you when you set out to look for your dream car. Get the best deal and remember this is not just a car purchase but an investment as well.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Car Buying Tips – How To Buy A Perfect New Car

Being a major financial decision for most of us, buying a new car shouldn’t be done without a proper homework. Thus whenever making a final decision regard, consider all the aspects attached to it such as its utility, daily uses, your needs, your family size and many more. There are a number of car buying tips that can help you in controlling this whole car buying process. Below are a few simple car-buying tips for new car buyers.

1)Ask yourself :-Before making a final decision on any car ask these few questions to yourself.
    • What kind of driving do you do?
    • What type of vehicle suits you?
    • What features you are keen on among air-con, Safety and Power?
    • What's your budget?
2)Research well:-One you have decided to by a particular type of car in a particular   price limit, its time to do a considerable research on available options. Shortlist three to four cars of your preference and try to get information related to their market response. You can take feedback from the people who already own the car. Also, consider the on road price of the all available options instead of comparing then solely on the basis of ex-showroom price.

3)Test Ride:-Take test ride of the all of your shortlisted cars and try to see if these cars are suitable to your needs and requirements and if the performance of these cars is up to the mark.

4)Price:-Once you have shortlisted a particular car, take the quotations from at least two to three dealers. Make sure that dealer is providing all information related to the available schemes and offers. If you are planning to go with finance, than take auto loan quotations from at lease two to three auto finance providers and go with the one who offers the best deal available.

By following these few car buying tips you can not only make sure to buy a car perfectly suitable to your needs but also a ensure a fair car purchase deal.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Useful Tips To Buy Second-hand Car In India

If you are planning to buy second hand car in the Indian market here are few important instructions that you should follow in order to find a suitable and economical car.

1)Questions to Ask: - Before buying a used car there are a number of questions that one should ask to himself. Some of these questions are mentioned below-
• First question should be, do I really need to buy this car?
• What type of car suits my needs and preferences the most?
• What features are important to me?
• What I prefer among safety, power and mileage?

2)Take Your Time: - Be it a used one or be it a new one, buying a car is considered one of the major financial decisions in a common man’s life. Thus, never buy a car in hurry and instead take sufficient time to search and negotiate for better options. You can take help of the online used car portals where you can fine a large number of used cars listed by both individual sellers and dealers.

3)Thorough Check-up: - Once you are done with the researching thing and have shortlisted some particular models, its time to get them all thoroughly checked-up with the help of a skilled mechanic. Remember; don’t make any commitments on the price of the car before scrutinizing it for any kind of fault or damage.

4)Things to Ask from Seller: - Ask seller for all documents related to the car’s ownership and insurance. Also, ask for the previous years service records of the car so that any possible tempering with any component of the car can be found out. It is recommended that one shouldn’t buy a used car without proper documents.

5)Price Negotiation: - Once the check-up is done, now efficiently negotiate with the buyers for a fairer price figure. If there is any fault or issue with the car that needed to be repaired after purchasing, ask seller to decrease the quoted price accordingly.